Autumn Maintenance Projects

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It is that time of year when the weather starts to change from summer to fall. During this transition, weather is better suited for maintenance projects that have been ignored due to the heat of the summer months.

Additionally, this change in weather creates a need for additional maintenance projects to keep your property free from falling leaves.

Consider performing these autumn maintenance projects to keep your home in perfect condition year round!

# 1
– Fall Outdoor Clean Up Tasks

As the seasons change, you may notice that your yard is becoming littered with dead leaves and branches. This plant debris can be a tripping hazard to those walking around your property and a fire hazard in the event of lightning.

Be sure to regularly rake up all leaves and branches until winter comes and no more roughage covers your property.

# 2
– Assess Your Roof

If you have a flat roof, you should regularly check for leaks that may have been caused by extreme summer heat or falling branches. If leaks are found, they can be repaired on your own or with a handyman in maineville, oh.

# 3
– Check All Gutters

For some, the autumn months bring heavy rains, so it’s essential to ensure that your gutters are clear of any debris that may cause overfilling. Failure to clean your gutters before the fall could result in severe blockages that cause heavy water damage to your property.

# 4
– Change Your Air Filter

It is also important to ensure that your HVAC system is in good working condition during the autumnal months. Your heating and ventilation systems will be vital to keep your body healthy and warm during the winter months. Make sure that your system’s air filters are clean. If not, purchase replacements or call a service technician.